About Royal Fund Management

Royal Fund Management offers Independent Fiduciary Responsibility. As a fee only investment advisory firm, Royal Fund Management does not sell financial products or receive commissions. Therefore, we are obligated, as fiduciaries, to act in the best interest of our clients.

Royal Fund Management was founded by Mark Sorensen. Mark believes that the fee based advisory platform increases the potential to add value.  Why? There are no product commissions to cloud the advisors judgment when choosing appropriate investments.  And, the firm’s compensation is directly correlated to the value of a client’s managed account.  This keeps our Client First.

Royal Fund Management employs a diversified strategy utilizing no-load mutual funds, individual equities and ETFs. Several model portfolios are available to meet a client’s specific objective including unique models for special situations. Thousands of funds are analyzed for performance, expense ratios, management tenure, risk / reward, and other ratios necessary to evaluate potential. Diversification among asset classes is a key to our strategy but, cyclical opportunities and sector momentum plays are utilized to potentially enhance portfolio value.

Individual equity positions are utilized with dividend yield as the primary objective and growth as the secondary goal. Individual equity models may use trailing stop orders to limit downside or covered call writing to enhance portfolio yield.

Royal Fund Management may also utilize equity or index options for portfolio hedging. Other option strategies are employed in certain models designed to collect option time premium. Long options are only utilized for hedging or as a proxy for the underlying stock when writing covered call options.

The independent fee-only relationship allows you to rest assured there are no conflicts created by commissions and no product bias. Whether retired or saving for that day, we welcome you to call or visit us to see if we can help.

RFM's Mission and Values
RFM's Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Our mission is simple: A commitment to keeping our Client First and, quality, service, teamwork and the quest for excellence

Our CEO has over 30 years of financial industry experience and understands the bias and conflicts of interest that are determined by how someone is licensed.  We strive to act with integrity in every decision made on behalf of our clients.  We do not require a minimum portfolio amount as the only question is, can we help?